The Blind Spot

The Blind Spot

Níamh McCarthy reads her speech The Blind Spot.

Níamh is a member of our Young Leaders programme. The Almeida Young Leaders is a scheme giving young people with something vital to say the tools and platform to do so. Each young leader has been mentored by a writer and director to develop their ideas, structuring a speech and skills in public speaking.

About Níamh:

Níamh recently graduated with a first in Theatre Design from Edge Hill University. She's also been a member of Young Everyman Playhouse (YEP) for the last five years, within the Young Actors strand. Being inspired by work with YEP, she stood as an independent parliamentary candidate at the age of 18 in an attempt to engage young and disenfranchised people with politics.

She hopes to make theatre in any capacity that speaks to and about the world it is in. 

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