How Could We Forget?

How Could We Forget?

Bronwen Davies reads her speech How could we forget?

Bronwen is a member of our Young Leaders programme. The Almeida Young Leaders is a scheme giving young people with something vital to say the tools and platform to do so. Each young leader has been mentored by a writer and director to develop their ideas, structuring a speech and skills in public speaking.

About Bronwen:

Bronwen is a recent graduate of Queen Mary University of London. Having moved back to South Wales, and getting a job at the Wales Millennium Centre she is looking forward to her creative future.

She believes that we have a lot to be angry about, and that making some noise is the best way to bring about change. She currently see's herself as an emerging producer, but also loves creating new work, writing the odd bit of script or poetry, and knitting on the weekends.

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