People power

Daniel Agyei, 17, London

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Demos kratos. People power. This is what democracy means to me. Why is that you ask?

You see, growing up, all I’ve ever known is austerity and never ending insecurity; feeling powerless, losing all hope and the ability to cope. Frustrated and angry at the injustices of this world; I felt trapped in a cage of perpetual hopelessness in an age that promises no change. I would despair, and ask why the world is so unfair. Isn’t this the 21st century, yet why does it feel like misery?

As I came of age, I continued to feel the rage that I, that we, had been failed by a politics belonging to a past age.

Politics seems to bear no relation to our daily lives, our daily struggles, our daily existence. As a result many have simply lost faith in democracy.

Yet, I dare to think differently; for politics is too important to be left to the politicians. When the status quo is all you know, it’s easy to think that the future can’t be any different. So we become indifferent. It shouldn’t be so, for we cannot afford to be indifferent because we are different.

We are children of now, citizens of the world. The most tech savvy, the most creative and resilient generation ever.

We are the agents of change. We’re not just the next generation destined to replace the previous one when their time is up.

We are the generation that the world needs now.

The bankers banked on our future, cashed in, and we paid the price. Futures destroyed and dreams decimated.

Now it’s our turn.

It’s time for us to stand up and transform our nation.

Let’s be bold and break the mould of the tradition expected to be respected.

Let us redefine politics, as the everyday struggle for a free and just society. Politics is not a profession reserved for a privileged elite, it’s a civic duty for us all.

We are all politicians, so let’s exercise our collective power to transform our world for the better.


Daniel is  a member of our Young Leaders programme. The Almeida Young Leaders is a scheme giving young people with something vital to say the tools and platform to do so. Each young leader has been mentored by a writer and director to develop their ideas, structuring a speech and skills in public speaking.